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Hamburger feiern 2012 den Africa Day

Together with the citizens of Hamburg, we want to celebrate the colorful “Africa Day” event and enjoy unforgettable moments from 25th to 27th May 2012.

On these days, diverse African cultures, traditions and people will come together in order to demonstrate the individuality and diversity of the esthetics of African States. Everybody is warmly welcomed to take part in this exciting celebration and to have fun together. So this is not only an event for the African citizens.
The main objective is to get to know something new and especially to overcome cultural barriers and to contribute to the integration of African Immigrants. It will be a German-African exchange, but also an exchange between Africans themselves in order to get to know each other even better, to support and especially to accept each other.


Inspired by the “FIFA-Fan-Fest” a number of marquees will be arranged on an exclusive and decorated square. The different African countries will represent themselves in these tents with their national flags, costumes and their colorful diversity.
Additionally, African cuisine shall be offered in these tents by private persons or chosen restaurants. Moreover, the countries representatives can demonstrate other cultural characteristics of their countries, such as African art, magic, traditional hair art and clothes, music, dance, spectacles and much more.
On a stage, music will be performed by African Musicians that are engaged by IMIC e.V. Some dancing groups, for example the Hip Hop Academy, will also perform. There will be a possibility for unknown artists to perform at the stage.

In addition to the above mentioned, IMIC e.V. wants to turn people’s attention to important political and social themes. IMIC e.V. wants to activate the young and elder African generation to open up more for the German culture. We want to demonstrate, that every citizen in Germany hast the possibility to have a free social and job-related development. Therefore, at information desks, certain flyers will be provided giving information about diverse professions respective education.

Young pupils, High-School graduates, students and trainees will give information to their fellow men and women in several languages and show up, which other information services they can approach. Another focus will be the distribution of information concerning the political parties. Apart from that, our staff will advice single parents on child care and on questions about raising children at special information desks.

Although priority is given to the joy of life and entertainment, in the light of the social migration debates, we will turn the attention to the controversial topic of integration as well as the support of the young African population with regard to their future perspectives.
The location for the event of several days‘ duration will be the highly frequented central Wandsbeker Marktplatz. This square has been chosen by IMIC e.V. and was affirmed by the city of Hamburg.

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Bezirksamtleiter Ritzenhoff und Veranstalterin Sylvaina Gerlich bei Africa Day 12 Kopie

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Africa Day 2012 in Hamburg

Ein buntes Programm eröffnet von Schirmherr Bezirksamtsleiter Thomas Ritzenhoff und Veranstalterin Sylvaina Gerlich (IMIC e.V.), auf dem Foto mit ghanaischen Königen.

Die Ankündigung der Pressestelle des Bezirksamtes Wandsbek:

Weltweit wird im Mai der Gründung der Organisation für Afrikanische Einheit mit einem „Africa Day“ gedacht. Die jährliche Gedenkfeier würdigt die Unterzeichnung der Gründungsurkunde der heutigen Afrikanischen Union durch Staats- und Regierungschefs von 30 unabhängigen Staaten am 25. Mai 1963. Auch in Hamburg wird der „Africa Day“ gefeiert: Wandsbek freut sich, dass die Feierlichkeiten am kommenden Wochenende vom 25. bis zum 27. Mai 2012 auf dem Wandsbeker Marktplatz stattfinden. Die Veranstaltung wird am Freitag, den 25. Mai 2012, um 15.30 Uhr, auf dem Wandsbeker Marktplatz in 22041 Hamburg eröffnet. Alle interessierten Bürgerinnen und Bürger sowie Medienvertreter sind herzlich eingeladen. Nach einer Begrüßung durch die Veranstalterin Sylvaina Gerlich, der Vorsitzenden des Hamburger Vereins IMIC e.V., und Wandsbeks Bezirksamtsleiter Thomas Ritzenhoff spricht der Präsident der Afrikanischen Union, Herr Thomas Yayi Boni. Neben weiteren Ansprachen gibt es das ganze Wochenende über ein vielfältiges Programm u.a. mit musikalischen Darbietungen, Ausstellungen und Workshops.

Worldwide in May this year the Foundation of an Organization for the African Unity will be celebrated with an « Africa Day ». The annual Celebration underlines the importance of the signature of the memorandum of to date African Union through Heads of State and Government of 30 independent countries on 25 May 1963. The Africa Day is also celebrated in Hamburg: Wandsbek is pleased to announce that the celebrations will take place this week-end from May 25th – 27th 2012 in Wandsbeker Marktplatz. The Event will open on Friday May 25th, 2012 at 3.30 pm, Wandsbeker Marktplatz, 22041 Hamburg. All interested citizens as well as Media representatives are cordially invited. After the welcoming by the Organizer Sylvaina Gerlich, the Chairwoman of the Hamburg Organization IMIC e.V., and District Manager of Wandsbek Thomas Ritzenhoff, the President of the African Union, Mr. Thomas Yayi Boni will give his speech. Beside further speeches there is a colourful programme over the whole week-end including musical performances, exhibitions and workshops.

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