Experiencing Cultural Diversity Together

Give your child a head start in a future of a culturally inclusive society

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Our Story

Our motivation is to create a multi-cultural day-care centre guided by our principle of “Experiencing diversity together”. Our educational facility for children is part of the new IMIC Centre in Hamburg that brings together people and children of diverse cultural and social backgrounds.
We support and nurture the openness of our children to create a society safe for all.
To ensure that our young students get the best of nurturing, specially trained staff and educational specialists work hand-in-hand with our children and parents to provide the best care, support, education. For us, “diversity” means recognizing and acknowledging each child’s potential and needs, giving them a sense of belonging, supporting, accompanying and encouraging them to bring out their best qualities and inherent abilities.
Cultural diversity and inclusive child-centered education is key to our educational model, and it helps to ensure that our students are given the type of homely nurturing that will ultimately give positive dividends to the wider society.


Our Vision

At the heart of our mission is the establishment of a multicultural daycare centre, driven by our guiding principle: "Experiencing diversity together." Our educational facility is a melting pot that brings together individuals and children from various cultural and social backgrounds.



Our goal is to foster a society that is culturally inclusive and secure for all. With a focus on providing exceptional care, support, and education, our specially trained staff and educational specialists collaborate closely with parents to ensure our young students receive the best possible nurturing.

Core Values

Core Values

"Diversity" to us means recognizing and embracing each child's unique potential and needs, creating an environment where they feel a sense of belonging. We are committed to supporting, accompanying, and encouraging them to unleash their best qualities and inherent abilities.



Cultural diversity and inclusive child-centred education form the cornerstone of our educational model, providing providing a homely nurturing environment and contributing to positive societal dividends . We adhere to the legal requirements of SGB VIII, the KiBeG, the LRV Hamburg, and the Hamburg educational recommendations.

IMIC Center Hamburg

Our daycare centre is part of IMIC Center gGmbH, which is closely affiliated with the non-profit association IMIC e. V. This non-profit organization has been actively supporting the integration and cultural exchange of migrants in Germany since 2010. Experiencing diversity together, we strive to create an inclusive educational haven that prepares our students for a harmonious and thriving future society.

Home Away From Home

Experience peace of mind as you entrust your children to a secure environment dedicated to nurturing their personalities to their fullest potential.

With our dedicated caregivers, we cultivate an environment where rooms, learning materials, and activities are designed to engage and stimulate children’s sensory perceptions, fostering their natural curiosity and love for exploration.

Home away from Home

Our Children

From toddlers to early elementary years, we embrace the unique personalities of each child, recognizing their individual strengths, weaknesses, interests, and needs. Every child is valued for who they are, receiving the appreciation they deserve for their distinctiveness.


As we embrace multi-culture, so are we determined to give our children a strong foundation in multilingual abilities. This is because we understand the impact of language being the window to cultures, as well as a tool to broaden perspectives.  

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.”
                                        -Roger Bacon

“One who speaks only one language is one person, but one who speaks two languages is two people.”
                                                -Turkish Proverb

Our pedagogical focus is on language and we see this as a cross-cutting theme throughout our institution. Our linguistic diversity, both among the families and the staff, encourages the children in their broad identity and gives them a unique sense of belonging.


Our Classrooms

Meticulously designed with professional insight, our classrooms offer functional spaces that inspire imagination. Filled with a rich variety of materials, adjacent rooms, corridors, and play areas, each child is encouraged to live out their imaginative fantasies and develop their unique personality.

The Kitchen

In our intimate kitchen setting, children embark on culinary and sensory adventures guided by our educational staff. Through cooking and baking together, they explore the world with all their senses, freely choosing and shaping functional areas in the main and side rooms in small groups.

The Garden

Our garden-like outdoor space provides a direct connection to nature, offering our children the opportunity to explore nature and play. The garden is adjacent the daycare centre, we also utilise nearby playgrounds, enhancing the overall outdoor experience within a 15-minute walk.

Our Time

Operating year-round, including three weeks of summer vacation that ensures families can enjoy quality time together. Emergency care is also available for families unable to take time off during this period. Before officially joining the daycare centre, families are invited to participate in our orientation "taster sessions."

Education and Sustainability

Education serves as a powerful tool for sustainability, and in alignment with our institution’s commitment, we actively engage educational staff, parents, and children to embed sustainability at the heart of our operations. This includes conscientiously selecting and using onsumables and materials that contribute to environmental sustainability. 


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Join Our Dedicated Team at IMIC Kita gGmbH!

Are you passionate about shaping young minds and creating a nurturing environment for children to thrive? We’re looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join our team at IMIC Kita gGmbH. As we continue to provide a home away from home, we invite qualified teachers, caregivers, and staff to be part of our commitment to fostering a rich, engaging, and supportive educational experience.

Why Choose IMIC gGmbH

  • Embrace the collaborative and multicultural work and School atmosphere.
  • Impact the lives of children during their formative years.
  • Join a team that values diversity, creativity, and continuous learning.

Current Vacancies:

  • Qualified Teachers.
  • Compassionate Caregivers.
  • Administrative Staff.

Contact Address

We are located in the IMIC Center at Bramfelder Chaussee 159-161 in 22175 Hamburg 

You can reach us using the following contact details:

Phone: 040 – 8815 5917