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IMIC e.V. has been supporting integration and cultural exchange since 2010. Our support spans all aspects of life for our members with diverse backgrounds. IMIC e.V. fills the gaps left by the state, assisting in time-consuming processes like language support for official matters and cultural mediation in family or school problems. With the trust of immigrants, we operate on a project basis, relying on donations and grants.


Our Vision

IMIC e.V. envisions a harmonious and a culturally inclusive society where individuals from diverse backgrounds seamlessly integrate, fostering mutual respect and understanding. Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change, creating a community where migrants find comprehensive support and opportunities for growth.



The primary goal of IMIC e.V. is to provide concrete assistance to immigrants, especially from Africa, in areas that are often underserved by the state. This includes comprehensive social counseling and support, covering diverse aspects of life for members and those seeking help from various backgrounds.


Core Values

Rooted in the principle of "Helping People," we are guided by the principles of care, empathy, compassion, and safety. The organization's comprehensive social counselling system addresses various aspects of life, offering support in legal matters, family challenges, and educational pursuits.

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IMIC e. V. / Interkulturelles Migranten Integrations Center e. V.

Am Neumarkt 30 (Oslo-Haus)

22041 Hamburg-Wandsbek

Tel.: 040-689 499 69



We are open from 13.00 to 18.00 

Monday to Friday.