IMIC Pflege gGmbH Retirement Community

Nurturing SENIORS with compassion & Celebrating Cultures



In-House Care

Immerse yourself in the warmth of our purposefully designed intercultural residence, where seniors become valued members of a vibrant community.


Home Care Services

Embrace the familiarity of your own home while our compassionate caregivers bring our expertise and cultural understanding to your doorstep.


Emergency Services

Rest easy knowing that immediate assistance and support are just a call away, providing peace of mind for both seniors and their families.


Specialized Care

Beyond traditional care, we offer personalized wellness programs and culturally sensitive therapies, enhancing the overall well-being of our seniors.

Our Story

Driven by Care, Compassion and Empathy

At IMIC Pflege gGmbH, we celebrate the beauty of life’s journey, shaped through time and experience. We recognising the invaluable transition from youthfulness to a phase of reflection, wisdom, and the innate desire for safe spaces where one can share a lifetime of experiences with friends and the generations to come.

In alignment with our core ideals, we wholeheartedly embrace the profound value that diversity brings to the lives of our seniors, seamlessly becoming the essence of their shared experiences.

Our mission at IMIC Pflege gGmbH is a heartfelt one – to craft an intercultural melting pot within our residence. We firmly believe that such an environment provides not only a sense of security but also a nurturing space for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Rooted in the principles of care, empathy, compassion, and, above all, safety, these values are the foundation of our senior home care services. At IMIC Pflege gGmbH, we invite you to join us in creating a community where life is celebrated, stories are shared, and the richness of diverse backgrounds intertwines seamlessly. Come, be a part of our extended family, where every resident is cherished and every moment is an opportunity to honor a life well-lived.

The new IMIC Center in Hamburg is a unique place of encounter and care. The IMIC Center brings together people of diverse personalities from different cultural and social backgrounds, with individual experiences, from all age groups.


Our Community

We offer lifestylE and community


Assisted Living

Our doors are open to seniors seeking a safe haven. Their dedicated caregivers, concerned family members, and even kindergarten students within our seniors’ home, will provide all the sense of community that we all crave. We believe that the intergenerational exchange of experiences enhances the overall well-being of everyone involved.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

IMIC Pflege gGmbH stands out by creating a home away from home in a multi-cultural environment. Our commitment goes beyond care; we build a supportive community where cultural richness fosters a sense of belonging and connection. Seniors experience not just assistance but a vibrant and culturally enriched lifestyle.


Discover the IMIC Difference


Cultural Enrichment

Immerse in a community that celebrates diversity, fostering a sense of cultural belonging.


Compassionate Care

Experience care that goes beyond routine, ensuring the well-being and happiness of every resident.


Peace of Mind

Trust in our emergency services and specialized care, providing security for seniors and their families.

Visit Us

Explore the possibilities of compassionate and culturally enriched senior care at IMIC Pflege gGmbH. Located within the IMIC Center at

Bramfelder Chaussee 159-161 in 22175 Hamburg.

Our senior home is more than just a residence—it’s a celebration of diverse cultures coming together.


Schedule a visit, inquire about our services, or simply connect with us. Contact IMIC Pflege gGmbH and let us be a meaningful part of your senior’s life.