At IMIC e.V, Helping People is Our Duty

IMIC Kita gGmbH

Enroll your child in our vibrant multicultural daycare centre, fostering a foundation for harmony and cultural inclusivity. We provide an enriching start for an interconnected society.

IMIC Pflege gGmbH

Discover compassionate senior home care services rooted in empathy and safety. Celebrate life's beauty and wisdom, embracing the richness that comes with time and experience.

Africa Day & Events

Join Hamburg's grandest multicultural event! Experience inspiring music, captivating dance, delectable food, and thriving business opportunities. Save the date for this annual cultural celebration.

Business Forum

Join our dynamic networking platform for entrepreneurs, government officials, traditional leaders, and influencers. Let's create opportunities and craft innovative solutions together for a thriving community.

Immigration Services

As your partner in immigration, IMIC e.V. ensures a seamless integration process for thousands settling socio-economically in Germany. Trust us as your gateway to a successful new chapter.

IMIC Events

IMIC eV is your one-stop-shop for a range of events, from cultural and business gatherings to social, political, and leisure events. Join us as we bring communities together through engaging experiences.

Our Story

At IMIC e.V., our non-profit mission is a testament to fostering integration, cultural exchange, and empowering individuals. Founded in 2010 by Sylvaina Gerlich, our migrant integration programmes and projects have become a trusted force, particularly among Africans and Afro-Germans.
Operating project by project, we rely on the generous support of our sponsors and partners who have contributed in various forms through donations or volunteering to sustain our selfless work. We see the involvement of all playing a pivotal role in making a real difference in people’s lives.
Our mission of “Helping People” comes to life daily in Germany’s vibrant port city of Hamburg.
Our social counselling system addresses various life aspects for members and those seeking help from diverse backgrounds. 

Relentless Commitment

Since 2008, IMIC e.V. has been a leading force in offering substantial support to immigrants, particularly from Africa, addressing time-consuming processes in areas often overlooked by the state. This encompasses linguistic aid, administrative support in academic endeavours, cultural mediation for families, etc.


An Integration Mediator

For immigrants, recognition and acceptance is an essential factor to adequately represent the interests of their host country. IMIC e.V. acts as an essential integration mediator that represents the interests of immigrants through its interface with important politicians, institutions, public authorities and opinion leaders in Germany.

Creating Connections, Creating Trust

IMIC e.V knows the problems of immigrants, particularly Africans and Afro-Germans, and therefore finds solutions for their problems. We help people integrate and evolve an understanding that fosters mutual trust.


Helping People

We are dedicated to fulfilling our core mission of helping people through our social counselling and support services. Our services cover almost all areas of the lives of our members and immigrants seeking our helps.