German Language Course for newcomers

German Language Course

Live online German language course for immigrants

Why Foreigners Should Take a German Language Course


  • Enhanced Job Prospects: With the relaxation of immigration laws through the German government’s “Opportunity Card” scheme, proficiency in their language significantly increases your employability and access to countless job opportunities in Germany,
  • Ease of Visa Application: Securing German language proficiency certificate gives you significant points in securing your travel visa to Germany through the “Opportunity Card” scheme. This is because your language proficiency facilitates smoother integration into German society, helping you to better understand local customs and traditions.
  • Navigating Daily Life: Knowledge of German is essential for navigating everyday tasks like shopping, healthcare, and public services, making daily life in Germany more manageable and enjoyable for immigrants.
  • Legal and Administrative Ease: Understanding German simplifies interactions with government agencies and legal matters that are crucial for those seeking long-term residency or citizenship in the country.

Join Our Live Online Courses Tailored for Immigrants

Are you an immigrant in Germany or planning to move? Learning the German language is your key to unlocking incredible opportunities and setting yourself up for a successful and fulfilling life in the biggest economy in Europe. Therefore, at IMIC e.V, we see it as a duty to help you seamlessly integrate into German society by offering you a comprehensive German Language Courses designed specifically for individuals for immigrants in Germany and professionals and skilled workers from Africa, the Americas, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Arabia. Our courses are not just about language proficiency; they are also tailored as a cultural integration platform.  

Our partnership with EMIGRATE 4 Work is to provide immigrants with dependable support on their journey of integration into the German society.

You can now join a language class in Germany from your country!

Our unique hybrid German language courses (A1-B2) are designed by integration experts to break down barriers and unlock a world of opportunities for immigrants.

Study in-person and online with classmates in Germany and Let’s get you speaking the language with confidence!


  • Monday (Online lectures) – 5pm -8pm (German Time).
  • Tuesdays (Tutorials) – 5pm -8pm (German Time).
  • Wednesdays (Online lectures) – 5pm – 8pm (German Time).
  • Fridays (Tutorials) – 5pm – 8pm (German Time).

For fees, please call us directly for details on our telephone lines.


Why Choose Our Online German Language Course?

  1. Live and Interactive Classes: Our courses are conducted live online, allowing you to interact with instructors and peers in real-time. This setup simulates a traditional classroom experience, making it easier to grasp the nuances of the language and helping you to learn stress-free.
  2. Tailored for Immigrants, Skilled Workers & Professionals: Whether you are a university graduate, a skilled worker, or an immigrant living in Germany, our courses are customised to meet your unique needs. Enhance your career prospects in Germany with proficient German language skills.
  3. Focus on Cultural Integration: Beyond language, our courses include insight into the culture and everyday life in Germany. This will help you integrate smoothly into the society.
  4. Flexible Learning Options: With our online format, you can learn from anywhere, at any time. It is perfect for those with busy schedules or those still in their home country preparing to relocate.

Unlock Amazing Opportunities.
Learn German Language.

Over the past two decades, IMIC e.V. has successfully conducted over 10,000 social consultations and facilitated more than 3,000 integration mediations. Our German Language Courses have helped countless individuals and families adapt and thrive in Germany.

we are dedicated to helping immigrants achieve their goals.

Talk to us now and let us assist you to navigate life in Germany.

Don’t let language be a barrier to your success. Enroll in our German Language Course today and take the first step towards a brighter future in Germany.

Learn more and register for our courses. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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