Promote Integration and Mutual Understanding

IMIC e.V. works regularly with national and international partners, who share our common goal of promoting the integration of migrants while creating a harmonious society in Germany. Based on this shared vision, our network is constantly expanding.

As a non-profit association, IMIC eV (Intercultural Migrant Integration Center eV) supports its members and third parties of different origins in Hamburg and beyond with integration and enables cultural exchange to achieve better mutual understanding in society.
Some examples of daily work are: IMIC advises and supports migrants in almost all social areas and accompanies them in contact with authorities and institutions.
For example, tutoring offers, PC courses, senior citizens’ meetings, language courses and information events contribute to integration. Cultural offerings, such as Africa Day and the Africa Culture Award, create mutual understanding in society.
With its successful integration work for migrants, especially in African communities, IMIC is established in the group of social non-profit organizations in Hamburg and is experiencing constantly increasing demand. The association relies on donors, sponsors and volunteers.