Ghana Consulate Germany

The Ghanaian consulate in Hamburg will soon begin issuing passports to Ghanaians and visas to non-Ghanaians, according to Amma A. Boateng, the Consulate-General in Charge of Immigration and Welfare.

This move aims to make consular services more accessible to Ghanaians in Germany, who hitherto had to travel to Berlin for passport renewals or applications. It will also simplify the visa application process for non- Ghanaians seeking to travel to Ghana.

Ms. Boateng announced this development during a colourful fundraising event organised by a group called the United Ghanaian Women in Hamburg (UGWIH).

“The Hamburg consulate will start issuing passports and visas,” Ms. Boateng stated. “There will be no need to travel to Berlin for these services anymore.”

The event, titled “Ntoma Cultural Dance,” was held at the popular Afrotopia Hall in Hamburg and featured a vibrant display of Ghanaian culture and fashion. Guests and attendees were dressed in a variety of tastefully designed traditional textiles known as “Ntoma.”

The event served as a fundraiser for victims of the tragic mining disaster in Apiatse close to the mining town of Bogoso in southwestern Ghana.


In 2022, a massive explosion, possibly caused by a detonated fuse on a mining truck carrying explosives, devastated the town of Apiatse. At least 13 people were killed and hundreds were seriously injured. The incident sparked public outrage, with criticism directed towards both the mining companies’ irresponsible handling of hazardous materials and the government’s slow response.

However, a significant relief effort has been underway since the disaster and its resultant national outrage. The government was forced to spearhead this relief effort. Eventually, the mining organisations and other private organisations joined in to work together to rebuild the town.

Meanwhile, the Ntoma Cultural Dance showcased a remarkable display of solidarity by a diaspora group supporting their fellow Ghanaians back home.

Sylvaina Gerlich, President of the immigrant service organization IMIC e.V., who was present at the event had played an integral role in its planning.

In her brief speech, Ms. Gerlich praised the initiative of UGWIH and emphasized the importance of stronger cooperation and collaboration within the Ghanaian diaspora community in Hamburg.
The event attracted over 500 attendees, including women and Ghanaians residing in Hamburg and beyond.

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